Governing Documents

Governing Documents of Robins Glenn Home Owners Association, Inc.
The Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of the State of Maryland and defines the nature of our Association, its scope of power, and its legal status.
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictionsusually referred to as CC&Rs or Declaration, establishes the owners' property rights, including the common areas, and our obligations as owners to the Association.  The CC&R provides for rules enforcement, the Association's powers, all financial matters and reserve funds, among other important aspects of the life of our Association. 
The Bylaws are primarily concerned with the rights of members of our Association, their meetings, and details about the directors and officers.  The Bylaws are at least as important as the CC&Rs.  The management of our Association and the relationship between the owners are significant parts of our bylaws and should be examined by all members of our Association.
Note:  These documents are provided for information purposes and not for use in real-estate transactions.  Please contact the Management Company for official copy of Bylaws and any amendments.